Tecogen literally invented the nation’s first cogeneration module, CM-60, back in 1982. This was followed up in 1988 with the introduction of the high output CM-75 and their units became the first to obtain ETL listing verifying compliance with national IEEE/UL standards. In 2008 they introduced the InVerde, the only engine driven inverter based packaged CHP module in the world. They have continued that development today with the new InVerde Ultera 100e+.

Other products in their portfolio include the Tecochill Series of gas driven chillers, and the Ilios line of High Efficiency Water Heaters.

Tecogen offers two types of CHP Modular Units: Two asynchronous (Induction) units, CM-60 and CM-75 plus the Inverter Based InVerde 100e+.

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InVerde®, INV-100e+, Ultera
Extremely Low-Emissions Cogeneration Module

Ultera-Low Emissions Enhances Advanced Technology CHP Module
The new InVerde e+ is a testament to Tecogen’s devotion to continuous product improvement.  This product builds on the success of our first generation inverter product and reinforces our goal of providing our customers with the most advanced clean energy technology available.
The INV-100e+ builds on patented inverter technology to provide these NEW features:

  • Best in class CHP electrical efficiency of 33%
  • Patented engine control technology for improved stability and load turndown, permitting the load on the equipment to be turned down to just 10% (generation just 10kW of electrical output), thus allowing customers the flexibility to operate their equipment in a wider load range while maintaining high efficiency
  • DC input option, facilitating seamless battery or solar array integration
  • Rapid 10 second black-start for NFPA Type 10 Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS)
  • Requires just 4 inches of water column gas pressure, eliminating the need for costly pressure enhancement equipment
  • Customized power electronics technology and integrated Microgrid hardware allow for simplified installation
  • An updated microprocessor controls system with integrated balance of plant control capability
  • Quieter operation for noise pollution reduction
  • Touchscreen interactive control panels for ease of operation, monitoring and service
  • GE Equipment Insight cloud-based real-time data monitoring

All the outstanding features and benefits that made the industry’s first inverter-based CHP a huge success are still important advantages. These include…

  • The ability to produce your own electricity 24/7 at half the cost of utility power
  • Backup power with grid-independent operation
  • Fully scalable from10kW to multi-MW
  • Modular units rated for 100kW grid-connected / 125 kVA stand-alone
  • Ultra-low emissions levels, SAQMD compliant and NJDEP exempt
  • UL 1740 certified for utility-safe interconnection
  • Microgrid compatible with licensed CERTS power balancing control software
  • 25% power boost for demand-side response
  • Streamlined multi-unit controls for lowest in class installation cost
  • Available with indoor or outdoor acoustic enclosures

CHP 101

All of our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems use cutting edge technology to generate electrical power, along with thermal power recovered from the natural gas engine. Thermal power is usually lost as waste heat at a large central power plant or lost during transmission.  If, however, power is generated in your building, you can use this free heat for space, water or process heating. The benefits of making electricity and heat from a single fuel source are a 50% reduction in energy costs and a 50% reduction in the emissions of carbon and criteria pollutants.  CHP is recommended as a preferred resource option for the future by many notable environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and the America Council for Energy Efficient Economy.

Read the Tecogen InVerde DataSheet

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